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Globalwipe doesn’t produce microfiber yarns but outsource and knit them into microfiber cloth. Therefore we have choice to select the best quality yarn manufacturer to guarantee the essential¬†quality of our microfiber towel
Some towels are “looked” like same as ours from other manufacturer but with very low price, reason is their polyamide might be less than 15% which is the absorbent ingredient of microfiber towel and with higher price than polyester. 80/20 is the most popular proportion of polyester and polyamide yarns for knitting microfiber towel by considering hydroscopicity, softness and price integrally, actually Globalwipe can produce 70/30, 60/40, even 50/50 ones upon your request
In sewing workshop of Globalwipe, edging work of microfiber towels is done manually except edgeless towels are cut by X-ray machine. Manual works enable versatile edging ways that can’t be replaced by machines and only can be done through mass production by experienced workers in country like China

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