OEM Manufacturer Drying Towel In Car - single layer microfiber twisted loop drying towel – Jiexu

We are doing more and more colors for you choosing;

> Woven with long loop twisted microfibers, which greatly increases the contact area with water and absorbs moisture quickly when the twisted fibers gently slide over the paint glass or plastic surface.


>1. Size 40*40cm one is suitable for car interior cleaning and glass painting cleaning;

>2. Size 60*90cm/70*90cm ones is perfect for car body drying.


* They are easy to wash, requiring no detergent;

* They are super soft and absorbent.

* Our towels are the perfect choice to clean and protect the delicate surface.

* They produce scratch free results.

We pride ourselves in crafting towels that are soft to the touch, have excellent absorption, durability and color fastness.You can easily drain the water from the body of a freshly washed car as well. You dont have to worry about the towels being towed to the floor when you clean the car, and its easy to wring them out.

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