OEM Customized Microfiber T Towels - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Car detailing towel kitchen cloth – Jiexu

High Performance, 1200 Washes – Grip Root, Ultra Absorbent, Weave Traps Grime & Liquid for Streak-Free Mirror Shine-Scratch Proof & Lint Free-Towel


Easiest, Fastest Care

While microfiber cloths require ‘special care’ (like washing alone or avoiding any heat at all) our unique, ultra-durable surface means you can wash then tumble dry these right along with your everyday clothing.

Lock Away 8 to 10 Times More “Fun”

8 to 10 times more water. More paint. More art. More…everything your creative family and friends love doing, without worrying about dripping over the clean floors you’re carrying these cloths across.

Eliminate Grease, Grime & Everything Else

Fingerprints, grease, grime, spills, and ‘What IS that!?!’, all gone from your stainless steel, wooden, granite, and marble surfaces.

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