Machine Washable Car Wash Rag Double Sided Scratch-Free Wash Mitt

Some wheel brushes can be just a bit too hard for wheels with sensitive paintwork. In addition, nylon brushes can splash quite a bit and this way unwanted splashes can end up in your face.

A normal wash glove would work, but these are quite bulky and you can’t reach them well with narrow spokes. And so we has a specific wash glove for rims: Microfibre Wheel Mitt

This double-sided wash glove is safe, can absorb a lot of suds and thanks to the loose fingers you can easily reach between and behind the spokes. And the best thing is: without splashing.

Use the long fibers for the front of the rim and the shorter bristles for the inside. This way you keep the two parts well separated. The inside of the spokes contains much more brake dust than the front.


* PREMIUM MATERIAL: The long-haired double-sided car wash gloves are made   of microfiber, which is comfortable and convenient to wear.
*EASY TO CLEAN: Can effectively remove dirt without damaging the car surface, machine washable and reusable.
*WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: It can be used indoors and outdoors, both dry and wet.
*UNIVERSAL: Suitable for most palm sizes and easy to use.
*MULTI-PURPOSE: Safe to use on paint and other delicate surfaces such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. It can also be used as a household cleaning kit.

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