Chinese Professional Microfiber Twisted Edgeless Towel - microfiber glass cleaning towels – Jiexu

Lint-Free / Tag-Free / Non-Abrasive
Sawtooth Zig-Zag Cut Edge Design
Also An Excellent Choice for Cleaning, Wiping and Polishing of All Lenses, Screens (Cell Phone, Tablet), Jewelry, Silverware, Chrome and other Metal Surfaces
Safe To Use On Electronic Equipment and other Sensitive Glass Surfaces (Note: due to the effectiveness of this suede cloth, it’s important to ensure that your cloth is clean and free of contaminants picked up during any prior use to avoid scratches)
Effective, Earth-Friendly Green Cleaning Solution to Remove Dust and Dirt Without the Use of Chemicals
Extremely Durable – Ability to Withstand Numerous Washings

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