Boar Hair Auto Exterior Detailing Brush-_B

Boar Hair Auto Exterior Detailing Brush

1. It comes with 5 different brush sizes, You can choose one according to your needs , sufficient length for easy exploration and penetration into the nut, narrow space.
2. The brush is very flexible and not easy to lose hair, ideal for use on soft leather seats or
trim such as exterior emblems.
3. No metal parts, the right combination of strength and flexibility.No chance of marring or scratching your delicate wheels.
4. Multi-function brush, wet and dry.This brush aims to remove the dust, bread crumbs and other small items out of your wheels,
air vents, trim, seat crevices and emblems, make your loved car fully tidy and clean from the inside out.
5. Fits for all Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, Vehicles, Motorcycles.

Boar hair brush 7-1

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